About Us

Data is considered oil of the modern age. With the rampant digital transformation, data is becoming more and more useful and organizations are moving towards data-driven decision makingMost organizations today have a dedicated analytics and data science teams and are thriving on it for business development. Numerous social and non-profit organizations are working tirelessly to make the world a better place to live in. Incorporating analytics can lead to better insights and in turn greater impact. However, many nonprofits and NGOs have a dearth of analytics resources and expertise. 


Our team, that consists of people from diverse backgrounds with focus in analytics and social sector, believe that data can be leveraged to solve real-word problems and help improve the society. We bridge this gap by providing a platform to bring non-profits closer to data science and help optimize their impact.


Our platform serves the non-profit organizations and the analytics volunteers alike. It provides opportunities to the budding and the established analytics professionals to showcase and enhance their skills. New talent in this space often find it difficult to land that first job as data science professionals due to lack of real-world experience. We provide them a space to work on such analytics projects and get hands-on experience along with mentorship from seasoned data scientists and analysts. We strive to build an environment that engenders learning and growth all for the greater good.